The following phonecards are available for exchange, colorful cards with pictures preferred, absolutely no buying or selling. My favorites are thick plastic cards such as chipcards, Landis & Gyr, and the like.

While I occasionally have some remote memory calling cards, GSM cards and recharge cards for swapping I do not collect these items myself and would only want to exchange them for phonecards. All cards are used and in good condition unless noted otherwise.

The cards are listed by country and telecom company, with a description of the card and the nominal value. Stocks frequently change so please check this page often to get the most current list, or email me for updates.

Australia – Telecom Australia

Austria – 7 Days (remote)

Austria – ECO World Communications (remote)

Austria – Etel (remote)

Austria – Gnanam Telecom (remote)

Austria – International Telephone Discount (remote)

Austria – Landsowne Voice Systems (remote)

Austria – Look (remote)

Austria – Lycatel (remote)

Austria – MediaN Telecom (remote)

Austria – Minute Max (remote)

Austria – My global line (remote)

Austria – Post und Telekom AG

Austria – Royal Card (remote)

Austria – Savenet (remote)

Austria – Telekom Austria (remote)

Austria – The Best (remote)

Austria – Uni-Card (remote)

Austria – Vectone (remote)

Austria – Vectone Gnanam Telecom Centers (remote)

Austria – kit (remote)

Austria – unknown (remote)

Austria – unknown company (remote)

Austria – ÖPTV

Belgium – Belgacom (chip)

Belgium – In Touch Telecom (remote)

China – CNC (chip)

China – China Telecom (chip)

Denmark – Tele Danmark (chip)

France – France Télécom

France – Telecom Centers (remote)

Germany – DBP Telekom

Germany – ECO World Communications (remote)

Germany – MediaN Telecom (remote)

Germany – TKI (remote)

Germany – Voice Telecom (remote)

Ghana – Ghana Telecom (chip)

Greece – OTE

Hungary – Matáv

Israel – Bezeq

Italy – Telecom Italia

Italy – Telecom Italia (remote)

Japan – NTT

Mauritius – Mauritius Telecom

Netherlands – KPN (chip)

Netherlands – KPN Telecom (chip)

Netherlands – PTT Telecom (chip)

Poland – Telekomunikacja Polska

Spain – BigCats (remote)

Spain – Telefonica

Switzerland – Swisscom

Turkey – Türk Telekom (chip)

U.K. – British Telecom

United Arab Emirates – Etisalat (remote)


unknown – Stardust Tele (remote)

Contact me at if you are interested in swapping some cards with me. No large attachments, please! For the WWW pages of some fellow collectors, check out the Phonecard Folder and Craig Fisher's phonecard collectors list formerly maintained by Andy Colebourne.

A catalog of Austrian phonecards is available on my Web site also.

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