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Volunteers Mailing List

Marcin Cieslak has set up a mailing list for all WWW5 volunteers.

To subscribe, send a message to listproc@sgh.waw.pl containing

subscribe vol-l first-name last-name

in the message body, NOT on the subject line where vol-l is the list name, and first-name and last-name make your real name, for example

subscribe vol-l Rivkah Sass

You will then receive information that your request has been forwarded.

To send a message to all subscribed volunteers send it to vol-l@sgh.waw.pl.

To get help, send a message containg HELP in the body to listproc@sgh.waw.pl, or mail Marcin Cieslak for assistance. &WWW5Volunteers.toolbar-en; &WWWVolunteers.ads;