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WWW5 Volunteers Pictures

... and some of the staff.

This is a first small set of images from the WWW5 Conference in Paris, thanks to Bruce and his great digital camera (I want one, too :-))

If you want more pictures contribute to the BBF. Just in case you do not know what the BBF is, it is the Bruce Battery Fund, donations always welcome.

It all started with a few bags ...

You do not wanna see the images in text mode, do you?

... and meeting our bosses for this week (Sylvia, your picture will be here RSN :-))

Irene aka Mad Hatter has kept us busy also:

Which means Bruce now really needs a good rest as does Geoff

Bruce looks much better with images turned on

Hey, Ann, is this you?

Sylvia, didn't we tell you your picture would be here RSN?

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