Now that you have made your way to my personal home page you probably want to know something about me.

Professional information

A biochemist by education, my research focus has been on infections by rhinoviruses (the main causative agent of the common cold) at the Institute of Biochemistry, Medical University of Vienna (formerly part of the University of Vienna from which I received my master's and PhD degrees). See my list of publications for details. Previously I also worked at the Department of General and Experimental Pathology. I am currently looking for new opportunities in teaching and research.


I collect phonecards and have a decent collection with cards from all over the world already, the result of long walks through the streets of Vienna and swapping with other fellow collectors. If you are interested in phonecards, don't miss my Phonecard Swap Page. Needless to say donations are always welcome and will be greatly appreciated.

During the last years I travelled to various places, including Northern Europe, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, Australia, Canada, and Mauritius. Some older pictures are available online, so feel free to browse around.


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